Need writing or editing work to make your business shine or take your latest creative project to the finish line?

Kamolnick Kreative cuts through the clutter to deliver a compelling, quality message. Lisa Kamolnick is an award-winning writer and editor whose experience spans more than 30 years executing diverse assignments for organizations and individuals. Niche specializations and interests include creative writing, branding, change management, nonprofit, the arts, and food. Lisa finds the story in every project for greater impact.

She approaches projects with enthusiasm and enjoys collaborating with others to achieve a quality result. Her experience includes a plethora of projects, large and small. She has:

  • led and participated in large-scale communications projects for a Fortune 500 company.
  • developed leader talking points, presentation materials, letters, memoranda, speeches and related for executives and directors of global, Fortune 500 companies and other businesses and organizations.
  • edited and proofread theses, textbook chapters, technical papers and presentations, academic publications, nonprofit promotional communications and creative fiction.
  • prepared more than 100 proposals in the defense industry; where required, managed production process, wrote sections, and combined individual contributor content into cohesive proposals.
  • developed or contributed to various internal policy, process, and training documents.
  • developed feature stories and other news items for internal corporate news and external publication. Some stories received Public Relations Society of America chapter level awards.

  • created or updated website and intranet content for businesses and non-profit organizations.
  • delivered compelling messages that increased traffic and ensured compliance with brand guidelines.
  • limited experience writing SEO. 
  • limited website design experience on the Word Press platform.

  • created and maintains an Instagram account with steady follower growth and routine engagement of 12% to 20%.
  • created and writes the blog, Food Passages, focused on recipes and stories about food, humanity, and culture.

  • experience with Microsoft Word, Pages, Keynote, Microsoft Publisher, Scrivener, WordPress, SharePoint and Adobe pdf and is an agile learner of new platforms.

Review Lisa’s project portfolio for more details.

Lisa possesses a strong command of language and has broad business, communications and performance experience to ensure effective understanding of client goals:

  • Bachelor of Arts in English from University of Florida, with Honors, writing concentration; Phi Beta Kappa inductee
  • more than 10 years in business management roles
  • more than 15 years in communications and public relations roles
  • more than 10 years in performing arts
  • additional experience in branding and change management