Need a female voice for your commercial, PSA, video narration or other audio or video project?

Lisa Kamolnick is a passionate voice actor whose experience spans more than 20 years in diverse voice acting roles across multiple organizational types and purposes. She approaches projects with enthusiasm and seeks to bring forth a pure emotion appropriate to each word. She enjoys collaboration with others to achieve a quality result. She has:

  • voiced women ages 25 – 65, primarily in American English, including neutral, southern (slight and thick), and Appalachian accents.

  • recorded more than 50 in-studio voice-over projects, ranging from 30 seconds to 30 minutes for commercials, public service announcements, branding videos, corporate program rollouts, educational videos, corporate podcasts, satirical comedy and drama. 
  • recorded, edited and produced audio files for voice-over projects ranging from 60 seconds to nine minutes for presentation narration and for branding, educational, informational and promotional videos.
  • performed as emcee and entertainer and promoted organizations on live television, radio, public and private events.

  • coordinated with other voice actors, producers, directors, online radio personalities, and company leaders to improve production value and attain desired outcomes for projects.
  • performed audio design and editing to improve overall clarity of submitted audio work using Garage Band and iMovie, by removing background noise, normalizing volume, and editing files.

Lisa possesses a strong command of language and has broad business, communications and performance experience to ensure effective understanding of client goals:

  • Bachelor of Arts in English from University of Florida, with Honors, writing concentration
  • More than 10 years in business management roles
  • More than 15 years in communications and public relations roles
  • More than 10 years in performing arts
  • Additional experience in branding and change management 

Samples are available on Soundcloud.