Excerpts of Lisa Kamolnick’s poetry from the #tellher1for30 instagram challenge issued April 2020 by Azure Antionette, the Maya Angelou of the Millennial Generation.

Life Force ⁠

Red eyes 
traffic new life 
so long buried, now rise
in passion’s cacaphonous flight
to death.

For Your Information

It was an argument 
I was bent on winning,
and my fondest intent
was to send words spinning.

We’d already been through it—
he was wrong—we both knew it.
I had the facts; he knew the deal …
I weaponized words to make my kill….

But something went awfully awry
when instead I said—to his elation—
that he was misinformed, and I
was Miss Information.


Saturdays are for sleeping.
Sundays and Mondays, too.
Tuesdays also will do the trick…. 
In fact, any day will do.

Snooze! Snooze! Your damn alarm— 
why haven’t you turned it off yet?
That—All that!—makes me want to sleep.
At least it’s not booze and regret.

Why, you’d ask, do I want to sleep?
What could compel me so?
What things do I think that I might miss?
Where else might I choose to go?

I don’t give a damn what I ought to do.
I don’t feel like pushing through it. 
Consider living in my shoes …
better yet—why don’t you do it?

Do you know I can’t stop thinking 
you’re here, then—Poof!—you’re gone?
Do you know my sleep is restless?
Do you know how I dread the dawn?

Of all the things I could get done
I’d rather sleeping weren’t number one
and if waking would raise you from the dead
I would rouse myself and leave our bed. 

Somewhere in the Smokies

The atmosphere is rarer upon 
a ragged cliff where lunch for two includes
a show: sup inside clouds
then devour mountain views.

copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

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