Poetry Excerpts

excerpts from a forthcoming collection

Hungry Moon

Hungry Moon won’t follow me home. He hangs
firm—anchored in sky—ensnared by stars.
Behemoth, green gleam imbues me
with winter wishes for an early spring. Want is not
a tender thing.
I’m ravenous….
Feed me, Hungry Moon—not niveous disdain.
Feed me your soul—misty, malachite sorrows. When
you leave me, as you must … no time to waste—
make haste. Hasten—hasten—life to land. Chase
forward Full Sap Moon and behind her, Sister Spring.

copyright 2020. all rights reserved.

Full Snow Moon

Full Snow Moon’s last blast of chills
foreshadow springtime’s winsome thrills.

Hungry faces hide away.
Snow Moon glows on southern bay.

Tiny buds begin to toil—
muscle through liquescent soil.

Snowy Moon winks at winsome spring
and blasts chilly kisses—farewell to winter’s fling.

copyright 2006. all rights reserved.

Mistress Moon

God supersized the moon today.
Over horizon, she rises loud.

mottled gold
glowing orb
shrouded in
splintered charcoal

Below thick moon mist
young buck stands tall and proud.

bottled lust
growing wild
crowded in
hinted golden

He scorns his doe for mistress moon.
Beware inconstant woman’s wiles.

Too soon
she will
grow thin …
in slivers
ebb and fade
to gray.

Beware this fickle mistress.
Soon she will away.

Golden mists
now shadows.
in charcoal

copyright 2005. all rights reserved.

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