Poetry Excerpts

excerpts from a forthcoming collection

Full Worm Moon

crawling through the night 
as the robin returns

soon you will fade 
bringing spring skies 

and sunny days 
when the robin hunts 

in grass shoots 
for your earthly sisters 

and sings to angelic clouds 
floating in a blue-grey sky.

copyright 2005. all rights reserved.

Full Snow Moon

Full Snow Moon’s last blast of chills
foreshadow springtime’s winsome thrills.

Hungry faces hide away.
Snow Moon glows on southern bay.

Tiny buds begin to toil—
muscle through liquescent soil.

Snowy Moon winks at winsome spring
and blasts chilly kisses—farewell to winter’s fling.

copyright 2006. all rights reserved.

pink perfection

if by chance should come our way—
just once—perfection, in a single day
when frisky skies decide to run  
beyond resplendent setting sun …

beyond horizon’s flash of green—
chase sun’s reflection from a happy scene
with brushstrokes tangerine and rust
explosions—such delight at dusk— 

where, rising over placid bay
a full pink moon in shades of gray,
clouds that float without a care
like fish that swim in balmy air

past juts and jetties, ports and pass
in full reflection on this bay of glass …
let’s toast pink moon and a school of grey— 
exclaim the end of a perfect day.

copyright 2020. all rights reserved.

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