Broad Benefits Plan Changes

Client: Global, Fortune 500 Company (employer)

Voice: Friendly, factual, and empathetic tone in neutral American English

Project:  Create and implement communications strategy for benefits plan changes; project included voice-over work for informational videos

Scope:  Benefit changes required substantial education, and a small budget was available to create communications materials. Project required efficient use of resources while effectively preparing employees and retirees for a suite of benefits changes. Key elements of project included the following:

  • Create communications strategy and plan.
  • Create educational materials to ensure target audience members understand options and are prepared for enrollment.
  • Minimize productivity disruptions and negative media attention.
  • Ensure integrated branding and consistent messaging across effort, including externally created brochures and home mailers.
  • Create such work product as leadership messaging, memoranda, and presentation materials.
  • Create scripts and prepare materials for use in informational videos.
  • Serve as voice talent for videos.
  • Prepare media management plan and serve as media spokesperson.

Outcome:  Employees and retirees were adequately prepared for the change with limited productivity disruption. Company was adequately prepared to address anticipated community media attention. 

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